About Us

Artzeo Global Limited, a private company registration 2011371, functions as trades and financing.

Established our business presence in Africa, Artzeo Global trade the precious metals, gem stones, agricultural and food products, as well as wide range of minerals, serving in gold mining.

Artzeo LLC was established in 2010 with the holding company Global Limited, founded in 2018, and has been providing quality business partnership in the trades of commodities, precious metal, agricultural and Food products. Located in Hong Kong City, we build up network of international partners and do trades on minerals, food, agriculture in the world.


Artzeo Global aims to invest in business of development stages. No matter where the business in its development or well established, we add value.  We work together with management teams and local partners to solve problems and accelerate growth.  In all of investments, we embrace technology to improve processes and efficiency. We invest only with management teams and owners who are receptive to strategic partnership and share our views. 

Driven by returns. We take the right opportunity attracts capital. We will make new investment when we have high conviction.

In the investing, we undertake a broad-based portfolio ranging from manufacturing, financial services, humanitarian projects. Artzeo Global aims to investing in companies with competitive operational strengths and quality management, focusing on technology-enabled industries and financial services in Asia. Artzeo Global will invest with the strategic and operational insights of an experienced industry participants.

Investing & Finance

Artzeo Global Limited aims to develop its ability to tailor unique financial solutions and execute complex transactions, creating long-term shareholder value for our clients. Our financial product services involve structuring, marketing and the execution of financial transactions in the public and private markets.

Structurally, we share with talented people to jointly develop its business.