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IAEC World – International Alliance for Economic Cooperation

Artzeo Global is a founding member of IAEC World – international alliance of Economic Cooperation.

IAEC World is founded by a group of 9 trusted business individuals and friends.

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IAEC creates a harmonious and engaging relationship amongst individuals, groups, organisations, communities, companies and corporations, plus businesses to share our joint resources to support our individual, as well as, collective economic developments.

The Inspiration

IAEC World Mission statement darkgrey
IAEC World Mission Statement


Build a global network of credible and reliable individuals and groups

of private and business organisations, corporates and companies in the full use of the up-to-date technologies and create the economic cooperation.

Trusted, like-minded people initiate the IAEC world.

IAEC founding members uphold the value of TRUST, ACCOUNTABILITY, INTEGRITY. It plans to expand the membership worldwide. IAEC members has unlimited possibilities to strengthen the friendship among the members, groups, organisations. It help develop the network of business to support the Africa economic cooperation, as well as develop business, trades, manufacturing, investment among the members. The core values of IAEC – T R U S T.

The ways we could help with our competences

Business Trades ↗

Trades of Gold Dore Bars, Oil & Gas, Food Agricultural.

Manufacturing ↗

Establish Manufacturing and partner local community and talents.

Investing ↗

Develop project files and value propositions.

Support the IAEC World and Get the Business

Members get access to exclusive network and business. Our memberships are based on recommended with trusted friends.