Social Responsibility

Boss Group

Arthur Pok scaled up Mother’s Day Giving of handicraft flower event to benefit more beneficiaries.

Boss Group Limited is founded by a group of 7 trusted business friends in 2009.

Encourage giving back with self growth, helping others and contribute to social community.

The Inspiration

BossGroup Mission statement


Self learning, helping others, contributing to social community and giving back to society

by motivating the bosses of small and medium enterprises to step forward to be harmonious group visiting other CEO, build resource camps and perform charitable events.

Eager learners initiate the Boss Group.

Boss Group founding members uphold the value of STRONG FAMILY BELIEVE, INTEGRITY, EAGERNESS TO LEARN and CHARITABLE. It plans to expand the membership worldwide. Boss Group members has unlimited possibilities to strengthen the friendship among the members, family members and other local associations. It help develop the network of local small and medium enterprises to support within the business community as well, as well as seeking new venturing.

The ways we could help with our competences

Charity ↗

Give back to the society in community work and annual Mother’s Day handicraft flower events.

Resource Camp ↗

Establish business federation and supported by local authority to venture into overseas business.

Social Network ↗

Develop family bonding among the members and enhance team work.

Support the Boss Group and Get the Business

Members get access to exclusive network and business. Our memberships are based on recommended with trusted friends.