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Nilloc Foundation

Artzeo Global is a founding member of Nilloc Foundation Limited – supporting the cause of humanitarian

Founded in 2019 as a partnership between Collins, Arthur, Gladys and Dr. F.D. M. G and his assigns (Principal sponsor), Nilloc Foundation is being guided by three basic principles: go where the need is greatest; support local initiatives by various people in conceiving and implementing projects; and integrate activities across sectors. 

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The Inspiration

Nilloc Foundation Mission statement
Nilloc Foundation Mission statement


Seek to find durable solutions to development challenges facing people of all walks of life in the wake of this and subsequent humanitarian crisis.

In the event of time, Nilloc Foundation would channel its fund in development and relief assistance to Africa.

Trusted friends initiate the funding to Nilloc Foundation

Nilloc Foundation upholds the value of TRUST, and INTEGRITY. It plans to channel its fund to the development of the humanitarian projects.

The ways we could help with our competences

Financial Instruments ↗

Trades of financial instruments, in support of humanitarian development..

Banking Operation ↗

Establish banking relationship and operation for the stated funding support.

Investing ↗

Develop humanitarian based projects and infrastructures.

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